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Maintenance & Repair
Binh Son engineering

With many years experiences as M&E Contractor, BSe having experiences for maintenance of M&E system as maintenance of air-conditioner, chiller, cooling tower,…systems. As increasing utility services to customers whenever requested.


Maintenance divided by 2 types: preventive & repair


Included checking equipment system for detecting in advanced errors may happening, then adjusting to help preventing equipment damaged. In fact, maintenance steps including: clean, lubricating, oil exchanging, equipment repair, checking and replacing spare parts, repair a part or whole following schedule handed over.

Preventive maintenance not only including maintenance of equipment periodically, but also including maintain documents of checking and maintenance, together with understanding  longevity of every part, then aware of frequency replacing of every equipment. BSe maintenance staff based on this documents for predicting suitable time replacing parts in operating equipment and can diagnose exactly issues when break-down happening.


It is an important works in services of M&E system maintenance. Based on figures of checking results, maintenance team will analyse break down level of equipment, through that, setting up maintenance periodical schedule. All of problems in report, although smallest ones also being followed strictly, set up plan solving and repair it reasonably. With those small details, we can prevent risks to lowest level for operating systems of customers. 



- Checking whole of equipment status including mechanical & electrical.

- Collecting operating data and parameter of equipment in maintenance scope.

- Detecting break down may happening for reporting to customers.

- Proposing to customers when need to replace materials.

- Keeping operating equipment in conditions of clean, safety, and ensure the best efficiency.


- Reporting details of equipment conditions and workloads carried out.

- Intervene and eliminating break down when having customers’ agreement.

- In process of periodical maintenance, if detecting abnormal issues, BSe will report immediately to customers and solving problem, proceeding repair, after having agreement from customers.

– Báo cáo chi tiết tình trạng các thiết bị và khối lượng công việc đã được thực hiện.

– Can thiệp và loại trừ hư hỏng khi được sự đồng ý từ khách hàng.

Works of M&E maintenance for whole of system need to plan details, and proceeding step by step, requiring team of maintenance and repair is to have profession skills and experiences of installation to similar projects. Therefore, the best selection is looking for those reputation M&E Company in the market for ensuring M&E maintain process to operating system smoothly.